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5 Reasons Not to Use Eventbrite (for Your Online Event)

5 Reasons Not to Use Eventbrite (for Your Online Event)

. 3 min read

Eventbrite is a great product. It was ahead of its time when it launched in 2006.

But today, more and more events are happening online over Zoom, Google Meet, or another video platform. Eventbrite was designed for in person events, so it's awfully clunky for online events. Which brings us to reason #1...

1. Eventbrite is Not Designed for Online Events

Online events aren't just in person events held over Zoom. Eventbrite's approach to online events is just "stick a Zoom link" in the location field.

But how do you think about event recordings? How do you help people troubleshoot their Zoom set up? How do you track attendance within the Zoom?

All of these questions are left unanswered.

2. The Zoom Integration is Incredibly Confusing

I finally figured out how to connect Zoom with Eventbrite. It took two minutes...

And if you update the name or time of your event, Eventbrite will not update the attached Zoom meeting.

You don't want to figure out on the day of your event that your Zoom has expired...

3. The Registration Process is Tedious

Here's a screenshot of the default Eventbrite sign up form. You have to enter in your first and last name twice, and your email 3 (!!!) times.

Eventbrite's form design ensures that you will lose a decent percentage of your guests. In contrast, here's how Luma handles registration. Simple, isn't it?

3. Your Guests are Required to Create an Eventbrite Account

Eventbrite wants your guest to be their customer. When someone signs up for your event, Eventbrite requires that they create an account with Eventbrite.

Even worse, if someone wants to see the Zoom meeting details, they will need to be signed in to Eventbrite even if they are clicking on a link from the registration email.

If a guest isn't signed in, they will see this page:

It's challenging enough to coordinate and host an online event. Do you really need to ask people to remember their Eventbrite password?

With Luma, we include the Zoom details in all registration emails and the calendar invite they receive after registering. Your event is always one click away for your guests.

4. Your Business isn't One Event

You host events, but your business doesn't end with the events. Maybe you want to let clients book 1:1 time with you. Or maybe you are also selling products or providing a paid subscription.

Eventbrite is for events. Full stop.

At Luma, we're building the tools to run your business online. That starts with your host page where guests can see all of your events at once. We are beta testing or building features like paid subscriptions, on demand bookings, media library, and more.

5. Eventbrite Isn't Built for You

The majority of Eventbrite's revenue comes from large music festivals, big concerts, and endurance races such as Tough Mudder.

These are complex events with many stakeholders and organizations running them. So Eventbrite's product development has been focused on building powerful tools for these large events.

If you are reading this, you probably don't have a large team of people to work with Eventbrite on an enterprise contract.

We want Luma to be easy for everyone to use. In just 4 months since launching, we've seen many individuals and small businesses building great businesses on top of Luma.

When You Should Use Eventbrite

If your events are primarily in person, Eventbrite might be a good choice for you. But in the new world of online events, Eventbrite feels like it's stuck in 2006.