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How Fitness Coaches Use Luma to Make More Than 150k A Year

How Fitness Coaches Use Luma to Make More Than 150k A Year

. 3 min read

COVID has pushed fitness online. Each week, millions of gym rats now get their fitness advice and personal training online.

As a trainer, this means you can continue your business online. Even better, you can expand your client list. With digital classes, you can offer your services to the world, not just the small group of people who can make it to your gym or studio.

Today, top fitness trainers use Luma to manage online training classes from promotion to payment. With Luma, you can build a beautiful website that highlights your class calendar and lets your clients buy classes, course packs, and more. Some of our top fitness coaches use the Luma platform to make more than $150,000 a year.

Here are some profiles of the top fitness trainers on our platform.

Nichelle Hines (cycling and body sculpt)

Nichelle is based out of Los Angeles. She’s an actress who earned a MFA from NYU University. She earned her Screen Actor’s Guild card after a role on the Sopranos. She then went onto become a coach and trainer after one of her own instructors missed her class — she took it over. She hasn’t looked back since then, becoming the founding cycle instructor for Cycle House LA, and losing 60 pounds over the years. She is now passionate about personal fitness and health and is a personal trainer for multiple celebrity clients.

She offers body sculpt classes and virtual cycling classes.

Rob Sulaver (boxing based fitness)

Rob is one of the founding members of the popular Rumble fitness which incorporates boxing elements into a workout that is as fun and engaging as it is intense. Rob also specializes in nutrition and has been featured on ABC’s show “My Diet Is Better Than Yours”.

Sarah James (abs + legs)

Sarah’s comes from Pilates background which focuses on body weight movements to improve your core, flexibility and balance. But while Pilates typically requires bulky equipment, Sarah has developed a class that only requires a yoga mat.

She hosts a weekly workout on Saturdays where the focus is on toning core strength and leg strength with a bunch of movements such as crunch-ups and side plank extensions. Sarah is friendly, approachable and high-energy.

Jeremy Gillespie (cycling)

Jeremy Gillespie is a cycling instructor who started teaching cycling in New York City in 2012. He started with road inspired indoor cycling and then got to rhythm cycling. He’s been a personal trainer since 2011 and is passionate about fitness and building his client’s self-confidence in their strength. On his Luma profile, he offers cycling classes mixed with passionate, energetic music: a can’t-miss experience.  

Ranya Anabtawi (yoga)

Ranya is a yoga entrepreneur and mentor who has her own signature brand of yoga: Empathetic Yoga, a form of restorative meditation that helps her clients achieve an advanced state of relaxation and comfort. She has classes and workshops for all categories of people, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Her Usui Reiki healing techniques are used to supplement her restorative Yoga practice, to help combine physical and mental well-being to guide them to greater bliss.

She’s been featured on TV on This Time in SF, and has instructed a bunch of the top executives at leading tech companies, from Facebook, Upwork to Opentable. She’s also done group sessions that have helped boost productivity at these industry leaders.

On Luma, she offers different yoga classes, from therapeutic yoga to empathetic chair yoga.