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Introducing Luma

Introducing Luma

. 2 min read

At the end of March, our friend Whitney was laid off of her job teaching yoga at a studio. She wanted to continue teaching classes on Zoom but it was really difficult to coordinate. She would send Zoom links, calendar invites and Venmo requests, all while keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet.

We built the first version of ZmURL for her.  

The first version of ZmURL gave you a simple text box to convert a Zoom invite into a great looking landing page. No payments, no invitations. Just a simple landing page.

The Luma (ZmURL) website on launch day.

ZmURL has evolved a lot in the past 150 days. We've worked with our hosts to roll out paid events, tipping, registration questions, event recordings, invitations, and more.

But the true success story has been our hosts. From yoga instructors, meditation coaches, chefs, party hosts, podcasters, networkers, to educators and more.

Our hosts have hosted over 15,000 events attended by over 250,000 guests. 👏

After listening to so many of our hosts, we've heard that while a landing page for Zoom events is helpful, there's much more to running an online business. You want to understand your audience, connect with them outside of events, and expand your business beyond scheduled Zoom meetings.

So it's time that we've outgrown the name ZmURL.

We've chosen a new name: Luma

We chose the name Luma because we want to build tools that illuminate you and your talents. We believe that everyone has something unique and valuable to share with the world. Whether it's recording a podcast, teaching a skill, or leading a fitness class, we want to help you make money doing what you love.

We are just getting started, and we are honored to share this journey with you.