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How to Look Good on Zoom

How to Look Good on Zoom

. 3 min read

Today, no one knows if you're wearing pants. Good lighting and a quality camera will make you look better than someone in a Balenciega suit.

Here's my current Zoom set up. It comes out to ~ $1,300. I think it's worth every penny. But if you're on a more reasonable budget, there are cheaper options for nearly every category.

The Set Up


Sony A6100 — Amazon $748

Buy the camera without a lens.

This is a mirrorless camera that means it's more simple, cheaper and better at video than a traditional DSLR.

This will give you a much better photo then even the top end webcams.

Camera Lens

Sigma 16mm f/1.4 LensAmazon $412

You want a lens with a low f number so that you are crisp while the background is blurry.

But you also want to have a low mm number so that the camera can focus on you while you're in front of the computer.

I made the mistake of getting a 50mm lens and I have to put the camera far away if I want it to capture my face.

Camera Mount

You will want a way of mounting the camera behind your computer. This will vary based on your set up. You can get a tri-pod, a wall mount, or a desk mount.

Camera Power Cord

AC Power SupplyAmazon $29

The camera usually operates with a battery. But you don't want to be recharging a battery all the time.

So you can get a fake battery that allows you to plug in your camera into the wall.

Knockoff Elgato Cam LinkAmazon ~ $15

Elgato sells a HDMI to USB adapter for > $100. If you want reliability, get that.

Otherwise you can get a knockoff on Aliexpress or Amazon for much cheaper.

MicroHDMI to HDMI Cable

Generic CableAmazon$7

You need to get the video feed from the camera into your computer.


Elgato Key LightAmazon $200

If you have light bouncing off your face, your camera will have to work less hard to keep you in focus.

The Elgato Key Light looks nice, is quick to set up, and can be controlled from your computer.

You could also get a ring light or rely on natural light, depending on your set up.

You do not want to be backlit (i.e. do not have a light source behind you).


Blue Yeti MicrophoneAmazon $130

Recommended by basically everyone, this is the consensus pick.

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