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Launch Your Paid Membership

Launch Your Paid Membership

. 1 min read

Today millions creators of lead classes on IG live, creators craft inspiring TikToks, and share on YouTube all without making a living.

Today, we're taking a big step forwards to change that with the launch of Luma Memberships.

With Luma, you can create a membership offering for your fans for to access special events and content.

  • Exclusive, intimate members-only events
  • A private newsletter
  • Slack integration (coming soon)
  • And much more

No more managing a Patreon and an Eventbrite and a Mailchimp and a Venmo and a Substack and on and on.

Luma gives you one place to build and engage with your community.

New Business Models

I am personally excited about subscriptions because it opens up new business models for Luma hosts.

Fitness trainers can offer paid classes for clients who want to book a class or two. But for those clients who want to go to a class every week or want extra one on one time, a membership is perfect.

Authors have traditionally relied on advances from publishers and then book sales. That leads to really spike-y and unpredictable income. Memberships allow authors to connect directly with their fans and get feedback on their work while establishing a reliable revenue stream.

Tutors and coaches want to have an ongoing relationship with their clients in order to track progress over time. Memberships help tutors and coaches foster an ongoing relationship with their clients.

Online communities often explode to an un-manageably large audience or fall silent from inactivity. Memberships let you curate a community of active members while generating revenue to support the community.