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Luma Raises a $3M Seed Round to Expand Beyond Events

Luma Raises a $3M Seed Round to Expand Beyond Events

. 2 min read

Today, we're excited to announce a $3M fundraise led by Maven Ventures and Venrock.

It all started with a Tweet.

At the time, I was talking to small businesses and individuals who were forced to move their services to Zoom. The Zoom video experience worked fine, but it was really difficult to promote your event, send invitations, and collect money.

I reached out to Victor with the idea for Luma — a way to make it easier for people to run their events online. It turned out that one of his good friends, Whitney, was laid off from her yoga studio and was figuring out how to teach classes online.

So in a week we built and launched the first version of Luma for Whitney. It was a simple landing page that helped her collect registrations for her classes.

Luma Today

Since that first yoga class, Luma has helped over 500k people connect over fitness classes, photography lessons, religious gatherings, happy hours, and book clubs. While COVID has turned our world upside down, it's inspiring to work with Luma hosts who are doing better than ever online.

Melanie, an author in New York, hosts an ongoing interview series that have been attended by thousands across the world. She recently interviewed Kaffe Fasset, who at 82 is still dedicated to his craft of creating beautiful fabrics by hand.

Alex, a saxophonist in Ukraine, had built a following on YouTube and Instagram. But he never had a chance to meet his followers, who were spread all over the world. With Luma, he launched a virtual concert tour in which he played for fans from over 20 different countries.

Nichelle, a cycle instructor, established a reputation for leading the toughest classes in LA. Her classes don't simply give you a workout, they push you to the next level. With Luma, Nichelle has been able to take the intensity of these classes online and she teaches over five classes a week.

Luma Memberships

Talking to our hosts, we know that Luma means to them far more than a tool to throw one-off events. Through Luma, they are building connections, and forming communities. An entrepreneurship community based in Paris hosts weekly coffee chats. A ballerina leads a group through multiple classes a week. An author started a book club to connect her biggest fans.

Today we're launching Luma Memberships to power your community beyond events. In addition to intimate, member-only events, with a Luma Membership you can offer private newsletters, Slack integration, and other perks to your community.

Starting with our first yoga class with Whitney, we have embarked on a mission to empower people to keep doing what they love. With our seed funding, we will continue to grow and evolve Luma with our hosts, so that they can focus on pursuing their passion, while being assured that they’ve got the best tool to create, grow, and connect.