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Use Zoom Attendance Data to Host Better Events

Use Zoom Attendance Data to Host Better Events

. 2 min read

You're teaching in your classroom. You glance at the back row and see an empty desk. Missy has missed her third straight class.

You're a SoulCycle instructor. You walk into class to see that almost all of the bikes are full, once again. Ten minutes into your class, you let in a group of a few stragglers.

It's easy to take attendance for an in-person class. On Zoom, it's much harder. While you can reach millions across the world, it's incredibly hard to understand who attended, where they came from, and how they found you.

Today, we're launching a suite of attendance tools for your Luma events. Use these tools to track attendance, understand your marketing efforts, and block unwanted visitors.

Track Attendance and Participant Engagement

Use the Luma attendance chart to track how your attendance count changed over the course of the event. Is a large group of people who come late or leave early? If so, understand when they are coming in or what part of the events caused people to leave.

Track participation and engagement using our Participants List which shows how long each person stayed in the event. Is everyone staying for the whole time? Or are people just popping their head in to see what it's like?

Improve Your Marketing with Traffic Attribution

The advertising world has shifted. Big brands that used to buy TV ads now buy  targeted ads on Google and Facebook. These internet ads work because you can clearly measure the conversion rate and ROI for each ad.

Luma now gives you the same superpowers that those big brands have. See where your guests came from, how your ads are performing, and more. Double down on what's working and drop what isn't.

Luma automatically creates a Zoom meeting or webinar on your behalf. With our attendance suite, each guest will receive a unique join link. When a guest clicks their join link, the link will open the correct Zoom meeting.

These unique join links allow us to enhance security for your event. If a guest shares their unique join link, we will see which guest shared their link and who they shared their link with.

With unique join links, we also track who has clicked the link and where they are coming from. So you can quickly see where your audience is based across the world.